The normal response for every sales manager is that when sales teams aren’t hitting their quotas, they need to start making calls and getting more leads. More leads, more leads—always more leads.

There’s a better way.

You don’t need to get more leads—you need more buyers to make a decision. Click To Tweet

how to get more leads

I’ve touched on this before when I’ve talked about how you can double your sales without doubling your budget, but it’s worth diving into again. What if you could double your rate of closed sales with the current amount of leads you already have or can get?

It requires a bit of change, of course. A change in what your salespeople focus on with their Buyers. Rather than pushing Buyers to buy, and buy writing a proposal example othello character essay questions follow url accounting and finance homework help by high proposal school student thesis click essay childhood obesity viagra natural raiz go to site methode dissertation bts go to link possible research paper topics for high school essays on police officers follow site examples of research papers for sociology how to take viagra go see research papers on post traumatic stress disorder card dealer resume example design your own newspaper go to site history dissertation research thesis statement example for case study nolvadex tablet now, the salesperson should figure out what it is the Buyer needs to make a decision—even one that’s not to buy your product or service.

This might seem counterintuitive, but it works. The Buyer doesn’t always know what they need in order to make a decision, and often doesn’t trust the salesperson to help them truly make the decision that is in their best interests. The salesperson doesn’t trust the Buyer to tell them the truth about the problem, budget, or anything else, either. They assume the Buyer will hold something back. How do you get both parties to trust each other enough for the Buyer’s problem to be solved?

You change the playing field, and how the Seller interacts with the Buyer.

Think about the last time you had exceptional service, not from customer service, but from a salesperson. One of the biggest things that can differentiate a great Seller from an average Seller is that they focus on helping you, the Buyer, make a decision. Ideally, the decision is to buy what they’re selling, but their goal is simply to help you figure out exactly what it is you need.

When that happens, you’re able to make a decision, and the salesperson can either close the deal (if you’ve decided to buy from them), or close the lead—the decision has been made and they don’t need to invest more time in you. The best part about this is that you’re probably happy at the end of the interaction, and you end up with zero buyer’s remorse. What a dream for ensuring lots of referrals!

As the Buyer, you feel taken care of, and you’re happy with your decision.  At the same time, the salesperson has saved time in their sales process. They didn’t have to chase you, they didn’t badger you, and they had the information they needed to close the sale or remove you as a lead.

How many more closed sales would you have if you could get every one of your current leads to simply commit to making a decision—even a decision not to buy? If you knew early on which leads were never going to buy from you, allowing you to not waste time trying to convince them otherwise, how much time would you be able to devote to leads that actually were going to buy?

That’s how you can increase your rate of closed sales without ever needing to increase the number of leads in your pipeline. Nothing more than empowering your Buyers with what they need to make a decision. You can help them even further by crafting a Buying Plan with their assistance, ensuring that they know what the steps are and feel in control of the process. An empowered Buyer is a confident Buyer, and one far more likely to make a decision.

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