Sales Process Improvement

Should you do it yourself, or seek outside help?

You’ve reached a point where you’re aware that your sales team or process needs to change. You know you could be closing more sales, if only you had things better organized, or your team better trained. You’ve picked up a few sales books and feel like it’s time to start implementing some of what you’ve learned with your sales team.

However, there are some pitfalls in attempting to do these things on your own, without professional guidance. You may be missing a step, or decide not to implement an entire program at once—which can do more harm than good. By cobbling together tips you’ve picked up from multiple blogs, books, and the free 15-minute consultation here and there, you may have created a monster, one that is unlikely to be effective due to a lack of congruity.

“So what?” you say. You’re working with salespeople before, after all, and when has an entire sales team ever completely followed a process or stuck to the procedures you’ve outlined?

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Well, when the process clearly works, or when they can see the results of sticking to the procedure you’ve outlined, they’ll keep doing it! This is where professional guidance comes into play. More than just “I read this and I want to try this one thing”, a professional sales consultant, coach, or trainer will work with you to keep the improvement process on the right track from step one.

That guidance can make all the difference between piecing together something that sort of works, and something that truly makes a difference. When it comes to increasing the average revenue your sales team produces per person, the difference between a well-executed sales strategy vs one you’ve just thrown together can make a big difference in your company’s bottom line. This isn’t just pertinent to Lean Selling. It applies to any sales strategy you choose to execute.

You can either experience marginal improvements in productivity, closed sales, and movement of prospects in your pipeline, or you can experience measurable and significant climbs in your profitability and revenue. Which would you rather have? How about your boss?

The key is whether we realize that we don’t know what we don’t know and that it’s time to call in a professional. It’s no different than relying on expert help to build your website, or using a professional to troubleshoot your network issues or build the product you’re selling.

You know your product or service, and you know just how much it could benefit your prospects. Let a professional sales consultant, trainer, coach help you reach them effectively.

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