Double Sales without Increasing Marketing or

Sales Expenses

Many experts agree—the number one competitor for salespeople is No Decision or Status Quo.  The buyer that is resigned to accepting things as they are, or cannot make a Yes/No decision, will steal more deals  from your team all of your other competitors—combined.  These buyers are a drain on time and resources but the totality of the cost of prospects making no decision is not always apparent.

In B2B sales, there’s about a 50/50 chance that when a buyer makes a decision, it’ll be in your favor.  Sounds good, until you realize that only 30% of buyers ever make a decision in the first place! Simple multiplication indicates on average you’re only closing 15% total of the potential leads that are coming into your pipeline.  Suddenly it becomes exceedingly clear just how much potential business you’re losing to your biggest competitor—No Decision.

Then how do you deal with this painful reality while struggling to grow sales without increasing the cost of your marketing and sales expenditures? Simple.

You work on increasing how often the buyers in your pipeline make a decision—any decision, even if it isn’t in your favor. You want to focus on making it possible for your buyer to make a decision, thus decreasing the percentage of buyers you’re losing to No Decision. With the right selling process in place providing the right stuff for your buyers to make a decision (even if it’s not in your favor), you’ll still increase the number of buyers who at least make a decision. In fact, you can double your sales results without increasing your marketing and sales budget by a penny! It’s true.

Think this is the nuttiest sales tip you’ve ever heard? Well, here’s the math. if you, for example,  increase the  percentage of decision makers in your sales pipeline from 30% to 60%, statistics say you will, on average,  double the number and value of the closed sales you win without increasing the number of leads in your pipeline. It’s not magic, but there are a number of unusual, proven, steps you can take to make  it happen—repeatedly.  Lean Selling provides these and other insights while showing you how to streamline your sales process to make sure you are providing your buyers everything they require to make a decision—quickly.

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