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 NewLean Selling Book Launches at Orange Country Sales Leadership Alliance


Lean Selling Book launched at Orange County Sales Leadership Alliance

Lean Selling Book launched at Orange County Sales Leadership Alliance

San Diego and Orange Country, California – 18 February 2015– Robert J. Pryor announced the launch of a disruptive new sales booked titled “Lean Selling: Slash Your Sales Cycle and Drive Profitable, Predictable Revenue Growth by Giving Buyers What They Really Want.”  A presentation and discussion about the key concepts of Lean Selling along with a book signing took place at the Orange County Sales Leadership Alliance from 7:30-9:30 AM.

“Lean Selling” is the first holistic approach to addressing the current crisis that sellers of all types of goods and services are experiencing. The Internet has had a dramatic impact on the way products and services are bought and sold, but not in the way people think. E-commerce still only accounts for about 2% of U.S. GDP. It’s the other 98% where the Internet has had the greatest impact on the economy, particularly in the way it has irrevocably altered the relationship between buyers and sellers. Buyers are much more educated than they used to be about the things they are considering for purchase, and sellers using traditional sales methods are scrambling—mostly unsuccessfully—to try to keep up with their buyers.

While most sales training and books about selling aim to improve individual salespeople’s skills in order to address this crisis, Lean Selling focuses on redefining the sales process in a way that addresses the fundamental changes in the relationship between buyers and sellers. This shift in emphasis offers organizations the following benefits when incorporating Lean Selling approaches with their salesforces:

  • Increased value that salespeople add, which makes buyers want to engage
  • Reduced waste in time, effort, and expense both for companies and their salespeople
  • Shortened sales cycle
  • Improved revenue forecasting accuracy
  • Broadened competitive differentiation to combat commoditizationx

Buyers stand to benefit from Lean Selling approaches as well, by greatly reducing the amount time they currently invest in traditional sales processes. With Lean Selling, buyers can make quicker, more confident decisions with less effort.

Lean Selling Book launched at the Orange County Sales Leadership Alliance

Lean Selling Book launched at the Orange County Sales Leadership Alliance


Lean Selling is the latest business application of Lean Thinking, as originally applied by the Toyota Motor Corporation, and popularized in the U.S. in the 1980s, in the form of Lean Production and Manufacturing. Since then, Lean Thinking has been applied in an increasingly wide variety of business arenas such as product development and service delivery—including medical care, education, and government—as well as the way to start a company, in the form of “The Lean Startup”. The application of Lean Thinking has shown breakthrough results in every new domain to which it has been applied.

“I believe that Lean Selling can be the next big thing in sales, if not in business more generally,” says Robert J. Pryor, author of Lean Selling, “because it goes directly to the heart of the relationship between buyers and sellers. It challenges long-held beliefs about the actual value that sellers provide.” Lean Selling will resonate with those organizations that are ready to making a transformation and cultural shift from competition with buyers to collaboration, supported by a focus on teamwork and an emphasis on continuous improvement. Pryor believes this shift could mean the end of traditional sales training methodologies as we know it, which he explains in his blog.

Lean Selling is a good fit for senior management and sales executives who consider themselves early adopters of new business approaches that they believe have the potential for game-changing impact. These executives understand the value of an opportunity to gain considerable competitive advantage by getting in early on a new idea.

Ken Schmitt, Founder and President, Sales Leadership Alliance and TurningPoint Executive Search agrees. “Our members are always looking for cutting-edge ideas to improve their sales performance and provide a competitive edge,” he says. “Lean Selling represents this type of innovative opportunity to rethink the sales process to transform the way they sell to create more measurable value by giving buyers what they really want.”

Available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other popular book sites, Lean Selling delves into the history and key concepts of Lean Thinking and its adaptation to sales process and management. For companies interested in doing an assessment of their own selling process, there is an organizational selling self-assessment offered in the book and also for free online. 

In addition to being the author of “Lean Selling”, Robert J. Pryor is a CEO, author, speaker, educator on cutting-edge sales processes, and Lean Selling community builder. Pryor has 30 years of experience as a sales, marketing, and general management executive in the computer and information technology industries. To learn more about the new book, visit the Lean Selling book website at


Lean Selling: How to Slash Your Sales Cycle and Drive Profitable, Predictable Revenue Growth by Giving Buyers What They Really Want, by Robert J. Pryor


January 30, 2015

Hardcover $28.99

Paperback $19.95

e-Book $9.99

334 pages

ISBN-10: 1496955536

ISBN-13: 978-1496955531

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